REST APIs and Bulk eFiling for TX, IL, IN, CA and WI courts

Integrate your software with courts using APIs OR Bulk efile 1000s of documents to courts using Excel Template

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How easy is to setup Bulk eFiling?

You can literally get started in a few minutes

  • Login to US Legal PRO and download Bulk eFile Excel Template from the details page of a previously submitted envelope.
  • Open the Excel template and add information about filings. Each row in Excel represents 1 envelope and you can have multiple filings per envelope.
  • Double click US Legal PRO's bulk eFile program on your desktop to automatically upload Excel and file. You can also check the filing status.

How easy is it to setup API use?

You can get integrated in as little as a day

  • Generate JSON template using create template API. e.g. /template/create?envelope_id=38400000&is_initial=true
  • Programatically replace the parameterized values in JSON with actual values pertaining to filing
  • Call efile API to file with JSON as payload. e.g /efile

Go to API Documentation to view all the APIs that are available. Contact us for client token

Why US Legal PRO?

  • Bulk eFiling and APIs are technical solutions and our technology is league better than that of any other legacy eFiling service provider.
  • Our customer service is second to none. Volume filers are assigned their own technical customer service representative who they can contact or call at anytime.
  • If you do more than 100 filings per month and need a custom solution, we build it free of charge.

Nobody writes more court eFiling related code than we do. Want to get your idea built? Schedule a time and we can talk.

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